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I judged a book by its cover. And I was wrong.

That old saying really is true and I'll be damned if this book isn't the best example of not judging a book by its cover I've ever seen. And I'm sorry that so much of my review has focused on something so insignificant, and I'm gonna talk about the book at some point, but I had to get that out.

Thanks for indulging me if you made it this far. I'm sorry. Let's discuss the inside of the book. The stuff that actually matters, like the words and stuff, chapters and whatnot. The characters and the story and the mystery and suspense. Oh boy! Here's how I can break it down for you. Noah Hawley is the writer and producer of the amazing FX television series, Fargo. Definitely do yourself a favor and watch that show if you haven't already. I don't watch a ton of TV, and I'm not just saying that because I'm on a book website trying to be all like oh yeah TV hahaha I'd rather be reading obviously.

I'm saying that because I have limited time for books and TV in general, and Fargo is worth the time. If you haven't seen the movie then, gee whiz, you have to do that immediately.

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Stop living under a rock, man. OK so I did all that to say this The beginning of the book was like watching a pilot episode where a plane with a bunch of Donald Trump level rich people crashes and it's super intense and,man, we just gotta find out what the heck happens and there is this crazy story of survival. It's super fast-paced and I felt like the book was gonna push down the gas pedal and never let off.

But then you get to episode two and things feel a little different. The mystery is still there, but now we are slowing things down a bit and developing the characters. Each episode kinda starts to focus on a different person from the crash.

Pride before a fall: why human narcissism will be our undoing

Then it goes to a deeper level and starts examining the impact the media has on spinning news stories out of control. It hits on what it means to be a "hero" and trying to live a normal, private life again. I mean honestly when I got to the end it didn't feel like the mystery was all that important anymore and not all that shocking and there wasn't this like oh my God huge plot twist moment.

And that's why it felt like a good TV show with good writing. I cared about the characters. I cared about what happened. It was giving me something deeper than an episode of Law and Order. It kept me invested without having to keep shocking me or revealing something I never saw coming. There's really just a lot more than a plane crash mystery suspense thriller going on here. It's a very memorable book that will stick with me for a bit. I didn't expect much from it, and I was pleasantly surprised and completely sold after just a few chapters.

I guess what I'm saying is you really can't judge a book by its cover, and I'm glad I decided to give this one a shot because it was well worth it. Read Before the Fall, watch Fargo the TV series, and watch the movie if you haven't seen it yet for crying out loud. View all 74 comments.

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There were a lot of things I didn't like about this book. The author postured and pontificated. Take the ordinary household toaster I mean really? It brought nothing to the book except, in my case, dissatisfaction , and there was a great deal of this type of writing. I found myself mid-chapter wandering off to read th There were a lot of things I didn't like about this book.

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However, when the story is actually being told, without all these useless detours up side roads, it is a good story. A great pity the author didn't stick to it. View all 62 comments. I'm jealous! I paid full price! The movie rights have been signed. Soif you have been considering this book --the price is good at the moment. I'm sure the price will go back up again just before the movie comes out.

It was a matter of will, of perseverance, of mind over matter. Where Sartre saw ennui, Jack saw energy. Where Camus saw pointlessness and death, Jack saw the board-breaking power of repetition".

Before the Fall

America was the go-getter nation, as far as he was concerned. There was no challenge too great, no obstacle too big". Scott Burrough's was fascinated with Jack LaLanne. While on a family vacation in San Francisco Scott was only 6 years old Scott watched him swim for 2 miles fighting the currents of the ocean. What more did anyone need to know about this inspiring man? Think about famous people today who read articles about themselves which are completely manufactured and simply not true.

It can begin to poison their self image. Journalism is meant to be objective reporting of facts, no matter how contradictory.

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You don't make the news fit the story -- At least there was once a time this was true. Reading "Before the Fall", I started to wonder 'when' what years? This is a fiction story yet the author gets so much right about the creation of fabrication in journalism. It was the kingdom of make-believe. A useful tool for the artist A man and boy survive" "Information versus entertainment" The reader will be both informed - insightfully so and entertained enthralled with your blood pumping fast The construction of the storytelling is brilliant - scintillating!!!! I seriously could not turn the pages fast enough!!!!!

View all 63 comments. A small private jet is leaving Martha's Vineyards, on it is one of the richest guys in politics I never figured out what he really did and his wife and two small children. Also included are another rich guy who has been doing some shady business deals and his wife, a poor painter that rich guy number one's wife be-friended and offered a ride and the crew and bodyguards.

Sixteen minutes after the plane takes off it crashes. There is only two survivors, the painter, Scott and the young boy. He sw A small private jet is leaving Martha's Vineyards, on it is one of the richest guys in politics I never figured out what he really did and his wife and two small children. He swims an unheard of amount of ocean with a dislocated shoulder.

When he was younger he saw Jack Lalanne swim from Alcatraz tugging a boat. That feat made him join the swim team. He is out of shape but that training stayed with him. After they are rescued the media starts their bull. The FBI and everybody and their mama's are questioning what brought the plane down? Was it terrorist?

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Was it a bomb? Was it pilot error? Then the turn the blame on Scott the painter. He had to be having an affair with the woman. How did he survive?